With the Corona Pandemic going on, many of us are stuck at home, the longer this goes on, the more bored people will get. In this post I will list stuff you could do while at home. Hope this helps a little bit!

  1. Kill time with a large puzzle.
  2. Read books you always wanted to read.
  3. Bingewatch your favorite movie/series.
  4. Wander around the Keukenhof in the Netherlands (Virtually)
  5. Create a Podcast.
  6. Create a website/Blog.
  7. Make instagram photo’s in your house of every day objects.
  8. Take a virtual space tour.
  9. Learn to mix cocktails and howto be a bartender (at home).
  10. Learn a new language.
  11. Learn to be a wizard at Hogwarts.
  12. Discover new music on yourtube/spotify.
  13. Take cooking lessons. (or order a recipe book).
  14. Get a new haircut.
  15. Clean and give away old clothes.
  16. Go to home gym and work out.
  17. Talk and bond with your neighbours.
  18. Watch live webcams.
  19. Bake a cake.
  20. Learn howto play an musical instrument.
  21. Do a digital Yoga class.
  22. Play pictionary with a robot
  23. Look at art from Frida Kahlo.
  24. Start with a new video game.
  25. Play Animal Crossings new Horizons for a virtual holiday.
  26. Relax with ASMR videos on Youtube.
  27. Take painting classes.
  28. Host a Netflix Party on Netflix Party.
  29. Listen to an audiobook.
  30. Listen to an Podcast.
  31. Raise a new family in the Sims.
  32. Play a board game online or via a videocall.
  33. Do a DIY project.
  34. Give yourself a facial and relax.
  35. Plan your next vacation.
  36. Build a lego set.
  37. Clean your house.
  38. Write a song.
  39. Create a meme.
  40. Go tanning in your garden if the weather is nice.
  41. Order stuff online.
  42. Have a fancy dinner.
  43. Write a diary.
  44. Organise appointments.
  45. Grow a Bonsai tree.
  46. Grow flowers.
  47. Watch some classic Disney movies.
  48. Watch a SpaceX launch on Youtube.

Thanks for reading! Any other ideas I missed? Let me know in the comments!

By Pascal

Pascal is the founder of this website together with Andrea. He loves to travel, write, watch movies and also run. Pascal also now enjoys catching Pokèmon with Pokemon Go whenever he has time.

2 thought on “Things to do when you are bored”
  1. This may be the best ideas I have found for how to spend time with my long distance bf in Tanzania during corona

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