Traveling get’s cheaper and cheaper every year, not only traveling by plane but trains, ferries and even busses get cheaper. In this article I will give out tips on how you can travel more cheaper too.

By bus in Europe

Planes are way faster than regular public transport, but still a little bit more expensive. So why not travel by bus? You will be saving on emmisions and you can take way more lugage with you. And if you travel by bus during the night you can usually just take a good nap. Here are some top companies that operate in Europe.

Above are just a few of the bus lines that are operating in Europa. They will basically take you anywhere. A very good website to compare prices and routes is Go

By Train in Europe

A bit faster and in the middle between busses and planes there is still the train. In Europe the train connections are very good and is a bit more comfortable than a bus. Here are some top sites in order to find a good train ride.

InterRail is especially awesome when you want to travel unlimited by train in Europe or just in a specific country. You get a interrail pass you can use for basically any train. High speed and sleeper trains still need a reservation though.

By Train in Europe (And the world)

The fastest but still the most expensive option is by far the plane. With prize fighters lowering the costs a lot, traveling long distances might be better by plane. However you won’t be allowed to carry much luggage (If something at all). And you get crammed into a small seat. You can always pay that bit more to get more comfortable though.

Here are a few websites I use to find cheap flights.

The latter one is of course famous for exploiting it’s personal, if you are not that Ethical, and you would love being squeezed out every cent you have. Ryanair is a great choice. I have flown with them a lot in the past. And if it’s the only option that is left, I would still take Ryanair. (For a 2 hour flight it is not that bad, just make sure you have your own entertainment). I also check the websites of the airlines directly. Sometimes they just have a better price.

Another great App you could download is Hopper, this app check all databases with past prices of flights and uses a very smart algorithm to determine if you should buy the ticket now or wait until the ticket price gets cheaper.

The budget airlines in Europe are the following ones;

I hope you like this article, let me know in the comments down below if you have any more tips on howto save money while traveling!

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