Last time I wrote about why you absolutely should live in a different country, by popular demand here are 5 reasons why you should never leave your country. Because why would you?

1. You love your country

You absolutely love your country, the weather is just like how you like it, the people are friendly (most of the time, but you don’t bother). And you have a good job. No reason to leave, also the holidays are fine, there are lots of things to discover about your own country. It is huge! Plus that pesky airport security is absolutely not for you.

2. Why throw everything away you’ve built?

You have slaved away years to own what you own now, you started at the bottom and now you finally made it, you have an amazing job, a nice family and even a good house. Why throw this away and start over?

3. You don’t want to move far away from your family

You love your family, and so they love you, why would you move across the world and only see them maybe once per year? Or if you’re lucky only when all you need is love comes to visit you. Okay nowadays you have Skype, Whatsapp, etcetera, but that is still different then seeing your loved ones in real life.

4. You don’t want to lose any benefits you have

Most countries have benefits, think about health insurance or any social coverage. Even your pension you have worked for might be harder to get once you live in a different country. Or what if you lived in a different country for years and you decide to go back? There is not global pension scheme. Which means you are throwing away your hard earned money.

5. Learning another language is too hard

You already know English and perhaps some other language, why go through the boredom to learn another one? It takes a lot of time to get fluent in and why the bother if you never leave your country anyway?

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