Last Saturday I decided to visit the Efteling, the Efteling is basically a very large Themepark (One of the largest in Europe actually). Every age group has something to do in this park. And normally one day is not enough. The park also offers a huge fairy tale forest, many shows and fantastic scenery.

Getting this most out of it

I would recommend by downloading the Efteling app, Once you are in the park you can see the waiting times so you exactly know how long you have to wait or if the attraction you want to visit is getting less busy. I used it a lot during the day and I walked from the different zones to optimize my time the best.

It would be a waste if you only could do 3 attractions. Some attractions also use a boarding pass system. You can use the app to get the tickets anywhere within in the park and book a time slot. If you plan this well you could line up some attractions to visit in a row and make the most out of your day.

I booked the Boarding pass for the Python before I started my lunch meal, I had one hour to finish my lunch. In the meantime I went on an attraction with a short waiting time and directly after that I went on the python. The waiting time was 10 minutes instead of 40 minutes for people without boarding pass. Talking about saving time!


Symbolica is the newest atraction (build in 2017). So is very popular. Because the attraction is near the entrance. The waiting line at the beginning is already 60 minutes even at slow times. Therefore I would recommend to skip this ride at the beginning of the day and if you can use the single riders line during lunch time. At this time it is less busy and saving some time. Also 30 minutes before the park closes is generally a good time. Most people are watching the show then and most of the crowd already did the ride.

Symbolica is a trackless ride through the castle of Fantasy. It is really incredible and a must do when you are in the Efteling.

Many roller coasters

Fans of rollercoasters have plenty of them to do. If you love wooden coasters, the Efteling has a double one. Joris en de Draak (George and the Dragon). If you love dive coasters, how about Baron 1898, if you love a steel coaster, the Python is for you. They even have a roller coaster in the dark called Vogel Rock (Bird Rock). Which is still one of my favorites (I did it twice). If you like Water they got the Vliegende Hollander (Flying Dutchman) With one of the best themes and sound ever.

The baron is the latest roller coaster, but the Efteling is building a twin powered family coaster called Max and Moritz, this one should be ready in Spring 2020.

More rides

Roller coasters is not all they have, this park loves to bring your dreams to live, and people call it Dutch Disney. You can hear, see, smell that you are in a different world everywhere through the park. The score is amazing. Every attractions feels different and it is hard to pick a favorite.

One of my all time favorite attractions is Villa Volta. This is a Madhouse that literally turns upside down when you are inside.

Winter Efteling

It is good to know that the park is open the year round, during the winter months (November – February), the Efteling is changed into Winter Efteling. There are many new events and shows based on the cold months. Every square has their own bonfire and music to keep you warm. They also open a giant ice skating palace and you can also go Langlaufing on ski’s.

They even change the themes to fit the winter theme. And surprisingly most of the rides are still open and operational.

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