Ever since visiting the Orlando Towers for the first time, I always wanted to bungeejump between the two cooling towers. This time, I finally had the chance to do so! 

But first let me tell you some more information about the Orlando Towers.
The Orlando Towers are located in Soweto, Johannesburg, a township where a large powerplant provided power, now stands a 100 meter high bungeejump bridge, exactly between those 2 towers. Making this site not only unique, also very beautiful. Both sides of the towers have amazing hand drawn images with South African culture embodied in them. On the main floor sits an african bar where sowetan music is playing.

I have bungeejumped before, but this is another level of excitement and fear. The team will make sure you are able to do the jump, they will talk you through every step of the process. The thing that feared me the most is the elevator though, as it crawls up next to one of the cooling towers.

Once you’re up in the middle of the bridge, the team checks everything once more.  And then. 3, 2, 1, Go! As you let yourself fall. The feeling is indescribable, 2 minutes later everything is over. You want to do it again!

“You are crazy, you just let yourself go?”

South African Taxi Driver

By Pascal

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