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Last Saturday I ran the 7km of the Zevenheuvelen nacht in my home town of Nijmegen. This is a two event race that has a night run of 7km on the Saturday and a main run of 15km on the Sunday. I didn’t train much at all. But after the race I found back the love of running again. So now I am back in training mode for my next race in March, the Stevensloop (also in Nijmegen). In this short post I will tell you how I experienced this run. (This is my third time I ran this race).

This year they allowed around 8100 people on the track, which is a record. Back when I ran in 2014 they only allowed around 2000-3000 people. So the event for the night has grown a lot. For the 15k they have around 20,000 people now. However everyone is divided into special start sections. So it was not too busy on the track itself. Slower people will walk more on the right side (even though some people still were catching me on my left side).

The weather was quite good too. It was around 5 degrees celcius, but once I warmed up, I was sweating a bit. The first 3km were uphill and I was going a bit too fast. After the 3km the remaining 4km were mostly downhill. Which gave me a lot of energy. Last time I ran the 7k in 2014 I finished in 47:41, back then I did not have any condition at all. This time I ran it in 46:17. Which is quite good but I know I can do more. If I trained more I would have made it in the 30 minutes for sure. Here is the Strava link: Strava.

I enjoyed the run very much, however the medal this year was made out of wood and quite ugly. The machine that is used to imprint the time was also not working. (Apparently they didn’t test it). So that was quite bad. As side from that I enjoyed it a lot. And now I am giving it everything to break 25 minutes on my next 5k run in March 2020!

Andrea also supported me all the way from Mexico and draw this incredible drawing for me!

I would like to finish with some good news as well. This blog is now also being featured on Feedspot. This is a special sites that selects the best long distance couple blogs into one nice overview. Please visit Feedspot!
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By Pascal

Pascal is the founder of this website together with Andrea. He loves to travel, write, watch movies and also run. Pascal also now enjoys catching Pokèmon with Pokemon Go whenever he has time.

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