You may be thinking, why being far from eachother might be worth it, is not not easier to find someone in the same country? Maybe even the same city? That might be true, but true love doesn’t know a boundary. Doesn’t know borders. If you can find true love close by, that is great. However some people just meet true love on their holiday, or even when they are studying or working abroad. These are the reasons why I believe our LDR is worth it. Please note that for someone else these reasons might be completely different.

Different cultural perspective

Meeting someone from a country that is totally different from yours, will give you a comlete new perspective, from different social norms, to generally completely new insights. I knew that Mexicans are very warm people, I didn’t knew how important cultural traditions are to them. I didn’t even knew what a real taco was until I met Andrea and she took me to a place that made real taco’s. Not those fake hard shell taco’s!

Amazing adventures together

Everytime you travel to her country or she to yours, you travel a lot, seeing new amazing places you didn’t even know they were there. It is also very nice to have your personal (and amazing) tour guide. She knows a lot about the country. You’re basically just traveling with a local.

Whenever she comes to your country, you can be her tour guide! Taking her onto cool places she never heard about before. It is really cool to show each other your country.

You can also engage in exploring a new country you both didn’t visit before, being lost alone in a country can give you a very amazing feeling, experiencing that together is even better.

The happiness when you see eachother again

There is no feeling in the world that can describe the feeling when after a long time of not having seen other, you finally can embrace her/him again. The feeling of being complete again, because everytime you leave, you leave a piece with him/her. But that feeling is just oh so good!

The challenge of making it work

Of course you don’t want to keep traveling to each other, you have to figure out a plan to live with each other. Will she come to your country to live? Or will you move to hers? Or even go in the middle? You will both move to a different country? The plan to figure this out is hard. But once you have done it, you can look back at the long road it took and be happy together. Personally I think this road is even more rewarding when you just find love in your own country.

By Pascal

Pascal is the founder of this website together with Andrea. He loves to travel, write, watch movies and also run. Pascal also now enjoys catching Pokèmon with Pokemon Go whenever he has time.

One thought on “Why a long distance relationship is worth it”
  1. I used to be in a long distance relationship with a Finnish girl for about 2,5 years… until I moved to Finland to live with her. 😛 Now, 11 ,5 years from the start of our relationship, we’ve been happily married for over 6 years, I’ve lived in Finland for 9, and I still think it was the best decision of my life. :*)

    The trick that made it work for us was to see each other relatively frequently (every couple of months), and to make concrete plans about moving together: already back in 2008 we had decided that I would move to Finland in 2010 (couldn’t do it before because of my work), so we had something to actually look forward to, not just vague plans.

    Another important thing, no matter who moves where, is to be sure to find out the important stuff like eventual residence/work permits, language courses (if needed), so as not to get any nasty surprises…

    Good luck to both!

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