Most of the world celebrate Valentine’s day today 14th of February, Mexico and the Netherlands are no exception.

I know you may think this day is only a marketing thing but it should be more than that, Should be a day we celebrate we love and we are loved, even if you are single you should celebrate your family’s love and most of all the love ypu have for your self.

Celebrating something while in a long distance relationship is always hard but there are so many ways you can let your significant other you are thinking about them.

Last year was my first Valentine’s day with Pascal and like this year, we had to spend it separate by thousands of miles. I wanted to do something special for him, something he wasn’t expecting, so I searched on the internet for presents I could send to him in this especial day.

By that time, Pascal was still living in Ireland so I found out I could send him a box of our favorite irish chocolates so I did.

When the day came, I had a notification that the chocolates were delivered to his office, but Pascal was not saying anything to me. So I had to tell him what I did. He had to look for them but found them at the reception. He seemed very happy about the suprise and I was very happy too cause I was feeling close to him.

I like thinking that we are not the only couple in the world who goes through special days while separate. There are so many love stories out there who started like this and I’m so glad I found someone who’s willing to wait and patient until we are together for good.

So Pascal, thank you for being not just the love of my life but also the person who motivates me everyday to better.

And for everyone else, have an amazing Valentine’s day and spread your love everyday❤️.

For tips to celebrate this day in a long distance relationship you can read this useful post on the next link 😊

By Andrea

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