If you are looking for love (either long distance or close by). Look no further! In this post I will compare some dating apps and websites. If you are looking for a steady relationship or just a flirt make sure to read this post.


Bumble is very similair to Tinder, except that only women can message men and in case of the same sex both persons are allowed to message each other. The app itself is location based, however finding great people a like is more dificult since you basically get selected on how you look. 3 stars.

The app is available on Android and IOS.


The most popular dating app right now is of course Tinder. The free version works very well already and if you pay extra you can connect with people anywhere in the world. However make sure you put your most attractive photo’s on the app, else you might get not many matches at all.


This app is getting very popular as well and is seen by many as the Tinder killer. The concept is very similair, but instead of swiping, the app will try to connect you with people who you might have crossed paths with recently. Maybe you made eye contact with someone and you might not even know it. It is a very fresh approach to say the least.

The app is available on Android and IOS.


Naming itself anti-tinder, Okcupid has been popular many years. Users don’t select potential dates on just a few simple pictures, on Okcupid you can create advanced profiles with a lot of information and the handy QA function helps OkCupid match potential couples very well. Since a few years you can find them on their website and in the Android and IOS store.

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  1. I didn’t know about Happn, looks very interesting. I used Tinder many times, but never really worked for me.

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