Being in a Long Distance Relationship is hard, but luckily there are many communities that will support you, where you can share your mind and get tips from others about your situation. In this post I will highlight 3 communities.

Reddit /R/LongDistance

This community is awesome, everyone here is so helpful and the stories are incredible to read. It is also very active with around 128k members. You will learn something new you never knew before here for sure. The resource section also offers very handy tips. Link: Reddit LongDistance.

Loving from a distance forum

This is a forum devoted to LDR stories, advice and much more. It even has a blog section, adult section and a forum where you can success stories. The forum is also very active and there are new members welcomed on a daily basis. Link: Loving from a distance.

Facebook Groups

If you are on Facebook, there are plenty of groups you can also join. There are probably groups in your country but also outside it. If you want to learn more about the country of your significant other. You could join the expats group so you can learn about the country and it’s culture in your own language.

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