It is very natural that you notice ups and downs in your relationship from time to time, this is perfectly normal. However with a LDR (Long distance relationship). Things might get harder. You don’t see each other that often or even speak each other on the phone. In this post I will give some tips about how you can deal with this.

1. Talk about your feelings

By that I mean that you always speak your mind with things are bothering. This goes both ways, listen and see how you could improve things. Maybe you have been busy so you haven’t had much time to talk to your partner. It is important to let your partner know what has been bothering you, before it is too late. Don’t crop up your feelings. If you partner loves you he/she will appreciate this. Keep in mind you are in this relationship together and not alone.

2. Go places together even if you are far away

Call him/her with your phone and turn on your camera, film what you are seeing. Even better is to go out somewhere and explore it with him/her. Basically it is almost like when you are together! You can do this the other way too. You can be in bed while your partner shows the place to you.

3. Set differences aside

Fighting from time to time in relationship is perfectly normal, however know what is right and what is wrong. Sometimes you just need a bit of breathing space, or maybe your partner needs some breathing space. Give him/her that. Afterwards discuss the difference and set it aside and keep going on.

4. Don’t get bored yourself

By that I don’t mean that you get bored from the relationship (if that happens, try to find stuff to make it interesting again). I mean more that you have to try to keep yourself busy. If you have a lot of free time you tend to get bored more easily and miss your parter more often. If you keep yourself entertained you will have more stuff to talk to him/her about. Keeping the relationship also more interesting.

5. Keep faith in the relationship

Most importantly; keep believing in your relationship. If you think the relationship is not working anymore, communicate this clearly and talk about this first. Maybe there is a solution or if you really want maybe try a bit harder to best to move together. But what is mostly true: Long distance relationships take a lot of time and you will need to have patience for this. Just make sure you have a good plan and know that eventually you will live together. In the end everything was worth it!

By Pascal

Pascal is the founder of this website together with Andrea. He loves to travel, write, watch movies and also run. Pascal also now enjoys catching Pokèmon with Pokemon Go whenever he has time.

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