1. Call regularly

Without doubt, calling your significant other is priority number one. Calling everyday is a very good practice. You will hear your significant other’s voice and even if there is not too much to talk about, even the silence can be a relief. For example ourself try to call eachother during working breaks, and when just before bed. Huge time differences will of course make it harder to align those calls. But 30 minutes per day is better than nothing at all. In the weekends you can call eachother for longer of course. Calling is more time consuming than texting, but it will help avoid the empty silence a lot!

2. Keep him/her up to date

Keeping your significant other up to date with changes no matter how small is very important. Basically just live your life as you would have done so when you are together. Meaning keep texting during the whole day. Even texting goodmorning and goodnight is a very good thing to do. This means that you are still alive and that you care. There is always something to talk about. Things that happen at work/study. Make sure to keep the relationship alive. And nowadays everyone has access to the internet. Smartphones are a great tool to help long distance relations in order. Communication is instant!

Having small memento’s from your significant other will help a lot too.

3. Send eachother gifts

It is always a nice surprise when a package from your love is waiting to be opened at your home. For example I used to sent a lot of envelopes to my girlfriend, which has small gifts/pictures/cards inside. The envelope would say: “Open this when you’re bored” Once she opened this, there was a story inside about one of our adventures together. Another example is when my girlfriend sent me a box of chocolate to my work on valentines day via a special delivery service. How romantic!

4. Go on virtual dates

Another great thing you can do to spend time with eachother, while still far away from each other is to go on virtual dates. Nowadays you can very easy just videocall eachother. You could go on a picnic together. Just pack the exact same stuff and go to a nearby park. Videocall while you are having a picnic! It is just like you are together. Another amazing thing I do with my girlfriend is that we will go to the exact same movie at around the exact same time. After the movie is finished we will talk about the movie. It is just as we have watched the movie together.

5. Plan to see eachother and set a countdown

Finally, make sure you are planning to see eachother, even if it will be on the longterm you can still use a countdown app on your phone and count down the days you will finally see your love again! Everything will be worth it in the end. Make sure to plan all the things you will do together.

By Pascal

Pascal is the founder of this website together with Andrea. He loves to travel, write, watch movies and also run. Pascal also now enjoys catching Pokèmon with Pokemon Go whenever he has time.

One thought on “5 tips on surviving long distance relationships”
  1. These are amazing advices
    Having a long distance relationship is always hard but looking forward to see each other again makes it worth it until we are together forever ❤️

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