Being seperated for a long time can be hard on either side, to keep things interesting and alive between your significant other you can do a few fun virtual dates with eachother. It would be almost like you are together again and can create fun memories.

1. Watch a movie together

You can do this either in the cinema or at home, where you will select a movie you will watch together at the same time. Even with timezones it can be hard sometimes, but there will always be a movie playing at around this same time.

For example, Andrea and I check which times would be best and then we will let eachother know when we are at the cinema. Now just imagine your significant other sitting net to you, watching the exact same stuff at around the same time. Normally when we do this, the difference in time is maximum 30 minutes.

After movie is done, you can talk about it of course!

When you want to watch a movie together you can try to facetime/skype call him/her on your phone and both watch the same movie/series together. Just sync the time so that the same is playing on both screens as you see him/her on your phone. It is like you are together!

2. Virtual picnic

This one is fun too, get the exact same stuff (or similar), choose a nice place (A park is the best). And turn on facetime/skype. Have an amazing picnic together! If your picnic is after dark, you could also bring some candles to light the place up a bit. Even more romantic play your favorite song for your significant other. You will create amazing memories together!

3. Browse photo’s together to relive the past

If you have been traveling a lot together, you probably have a lot of pictures. On a lazy sunday you could create a shared google photo’s library and watch your amazing memories together, you could also make a photo album yourself and show him/her your creation over facetime/skype. Very romantic!

4. Make a playlist and listen to it together

If you both have Spotify (or a similar service you can listen on), you can create a playlist that you share for both to share their favorite music on. Now just choose a time where you can both relax and listen to the exact same music while you both close your eyes and relax. You are together now!

5. Play a game together

Can be an offline game (Like Monopoly) but ever better online. There are many online games you could play together! If you both know poker why not some online poker? You could even work together and beat the others. Pogo has a very big collection of multiplayer games. Playing online games is very fun together!

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By Pascal

Pascal is the founder of this website together with Andrea. He loves to travel, write, watch movies and also run. Pascal also now enjoys catching Pokèmon with Pokemon Go whenever he has time.

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