If you ever are in Krakòw, and you are bored, you should visit a small town called Tarnòw. Tarnòw is a place where basically noone speaks English (at least not very well). However Tarnòw is rather beautiful. 

The town has beautiful architecture, there is not much to do other than that. Tarnòw is around 1,5 hours from Krakòw, in the east of Poland. There is a train directly going from Krakòw central station (Krakòw Glowny) to Tarnòw.

I did not do much else, other than just walk around. tarnow has 107,398 inhabitants and most the houses are still from the renaissance period. It’s like time stood still here.

  • Existed since 14th century.
  • Highest tempature ever recorded: 38.2c (celsius).
  • Lowest temperature ever recorded: -30.8 (celcius.

By Pascal

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