Last weekend, I decided to go one of the largest (if not largest) lights festival in The Netherlands; Glow Eindhoven. Eindhoven is already known for being high tech city with companies like Phillips starting here, but also the university of Eindhoven (TU/E) and companies like ASML are bringing in a lot high tech companies and students towards the city. Making it very logical to have a lights art festival here.

Projections and art

This year a lot of buildings are brought alive with projections on their facades, however there are also a lot of smaller artist that are showcasing their art. There is only one rule as far as I am aware. It needs something to do with light. Some projects were very amazing to look at, some (I counted 3 projects) were not working or not finished on time.

On the Glow website you could see a map with all the projects, however most of them had very artistic names, I couldn’t even figure out what they meant. For example “PING” (Which was more of a rollercoaster made out of light) and Triptich (Maybe the creators were tripping?).

An entire street projected

There were around 30 projects, and some of them where really cool. There was even a full street being fully projected with all sorts of colorful artworks, this really impressed me.

There was also a mosque that was brought to live with all sorts of colorful art. It is really cool to see buildings in a different light. One you don’t normally see. However the festival bought a lot of people. Maybe it was because of the opening night. But at some places to it was just too busy. I remember being almost squashed on in a small street because people were rushing to the see next project.

One show that impressed me that most was the Symphony of lights show. This was also a live projection which will take around 5 minutes to watch. It is project on a building people in Eindhoven know as the “Witte Dame” (White lady). Please watch the video down here!

Busy but great

Adding up everything, I had a great time. It was busy but controllable (for most of it). I think Glow Eindhoven is only getting bigger and bigger each year. I wonder what will come next year.

Thanks for reading, and as always please let me know what you think in the comments!

By Pascal

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