Ah, the movie that already has countless remakes, Robin Hood. Everyone knows the Hood. Everyone loves the Hood. The 2018 version of Robin Hood is a lot of fun to watch, there are lots of comedy scenes and also there is a lot of action. It is basically a fun rollercoaster ride set in the middle ages.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

The movie has a very good casts, with Taron Egerton (Robin Hood/
Robin of Loxley), Jamie Foxx (Little John), Ben Mendelsohn (Sheriff of Nothingham and the beautiful Eve Hewson as Mariam. We Start with Mariam trying to steal from a rich nobelman, which turns out to be Robin of Loxley himself. They fall in love with each other and Robin and Mariam live happily together.

Until Robin has to serve in one of the crusades to the Middle East, here we see the already incredible fighting style of Robin of Loxley. When the army he is in wins from the Persians, he intervenes and tries to save little Johns son. His captain is not happy with this and would Robin not be of a nobel family, he surely would have been executed for treason.. Robin gets sent home instead.

Once arrived home, he actually finds out he is declared dead, his house taken for tax by the sherrif of Nothingham and Miriam lives with someone else.

Little John actually was hiding on the same ship as robin, and when they meet up again they make plans to steal from the rich and share it with the poor people. The Sheriff of Nothingham get’s more greedy by the day. And as it turns out is actually helping the enemy by funding their army with the funds of the (poor) people. At a stage the Sheriff is even taking everything they own. While Robin is getting the likes of the Sheriff, in secret he is stealing everything back the Sheriff stole with his taxes.

I won’t say no more, you have to watch this movie, it’s really enjoyable to watch. Lot’s of humor and the actors really shine here. I think the cast is just perfect and Robin of Loxley (Taron). Is one of my favorite Robin Hoods.

By Pascal

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