Sometimes you are a little bit sceptical regarding new animations, especially when its a Sony/Marvel animation. However I soon learned that this movie is all worth it. It’s new, the graphics are truly amazing and the story line is very good too.

Spoiler warning!

The movie starts of with some very cool credits and after that the comic-ish style of the film comes very alive. With the introduction of our well known spiderman the movie shifts it’s focus towards Miles. A very bright student and we get some hilarious scenes where his dad (a police officer), brings his son to school and wants his son to say “I love you too” back over his speaker.

The movie has a lot of humor and together with the amazing style it’s really enjoyable to watch. Miles get bit by a radioactive spider from a paralel universe. And soon Miles meets the real spiderman, however Miles already has developped the spidy sense and if he somehow get’s caught in the middle of a fight between Spiderman and the bad guys in the middle of a huge hadron colider, Spiderman loses the battle and sadly dies.

However due to the Hadron colider spidermen/woman start to appear in Miles universum, reuniting in cause to defeat the bad guys so they can fix the universe we get awesome new story lines in true comic fashion. I loved especially Peter Porker. (The spider pig, true fans will know).

Miles gets his powers under control later on, and they defeat the bad guys in a sense Stan Lee would be proud of. Make sure to watch the scenes after the credits because this is really funny too!


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