Director Peter Jackson is coming with a new movie after the huge success of Lord of the Rings, and King Kong. A movie set into a far future where humanity (or what is left of it) fight for survival in giant moving cities and floating castles. Was it refreshing enough to watch?

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

After I saw the trailer for the first time, I was excited. This movie had a fresh take on things we haven’t seen before, at the same time it looked like a epic sage like we have been used to like Lord of The Rings, but in a different setting althogether. I liked it.

The movie starts of well by introducing Tom Natsworthy, how things work down there in London (On gaint wheels). As they get into a (easy) battle with a mining town (way smaller and also on wheels). Hester Shaw get’s introduced and she only wants one thing. Revenge.

The movie has a lot of plots and turns, even when it get’s a little bit predicting it keeps things interested, the ending is really nicely done, but somehow I have the feeling that they rushed this. Perhaps with some more time this movie could be been better. It wasn’t the budget though (
$100,000,000 ).

At the end the movie has just a basic storyline (Evil guy wants to destroy the world with a super weapon, one woman is able to stop him). But the setting and the graphics are really well done. The acting is a bit mediocre at best. Too bad!

Mortal Engines doesn’t lack interesting scenes.

By Pascal

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