Bumblebee (2018)

Bumblebee (2018)

If you love Transformers, then Bumblebee is of course a must watch, if you like a story with lots of comedy, action and an awesome 80’s theme, then this movie is for you too!

Spoilers ahead!

Bumblebee is the story of our beloved jellow warrior, the beginning takes us to the world Cybertron, just a tiny bit but enough to understand what is about to happen. The Autobots are in a losing war with the Decepticons and Bumblebee (B-127), is sent in an escape pod to Earth.

After a fight with a Decepticon, B-127 is severly damaged and changes his appearance into an awesome Volkswagen beetle. After a while he ends up in a junkjard where our main protagonist find B-127.

However soon the decepticons are able to find Bumblebee’s signal and they trick Section 7 into trusting the Decepticons.

I won’t say more, no more, this movie is absolutely worth watching. There was no moment it was boring. It was a fun journey overall and the graphics are great as expected. The 80’s feel with the amazing music was just perfect and hit the spot everywhere.

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Final Verdict
  • Theme
  • Music
  • Graphics
  • Acting
  • Script


Overall a great movie, no time was wasted and I enjoyed it very much!

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