Since I saw the trailer of Marvel’s Captain Marvel for the first time I was hooked. Finally a female hero in the Marvel Universe! Apperantly a hero that would pay an important role in the coming Marvel Movie: Endgame.

In this review I will talk about the good points and of course also the bad points, somehow I feel Marvel is slightly losing their touch, even though their work is still amazingly high quality, this movie lost me a little bit.

Spoiler warning!

Captain Marvel is based in the 90’s (with some 80’s), Nick Fury still had hair, blockbuster was still around and basically the times were much simpler. The movie offers a lot of funny scenes and jokes, it was generally a very nice touch on Nick Fury’s funny side.

Carol Denvers (or Vers) lives on a Planet called Hala, she is part of the Kree, on a mission to extract a spy that had spied on the Skrull, everything goes awry. The Skrull can mimic anyone’s look and the Kree team is lured into a trap.

Vers is captured by the Skrull and gets the high tech question treatment, when she escapes the Skrull she finds herself on Earth, (one of the earliest “aliens”?). Soon she meets Nick Fury and Agent Coulson at a blockbuster. Fury doesn’t believe her at first but when she shows her fiery fist and when they are attacked by the Kree, he believes her more.

From there on we basically start to recover the memories of Carol Danvers, she is just a human that in an accident absorbed the power of the Tesseract. But she is even capable of destroying large Kree Motherships by flying just through them.

I enjoyed the movie very much, but it was very predictable in the middle, Captain Marvel goes in a very short time from level 1 to level 100. She doesn’t show much emotion. I wish that Marvel delved deeper into her Character. I bet you can find much interesting stuff there. How do the Kree live? Why did go to be a fighter pilot? What did she do when she was young?

The movie touches on the above very briefly, in my opinion it is too less, which in turn makes Captain Marvel look pale in contrast with say Wonder Woman.

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