During my last weekend in Mexico, Andrea and I decided to visit a city (Andrea calls it a town) just two hours north of Aguascalientes. The city of Zacatecas. Zacatecas has around 1,5 million inhabitants and is located between mountains. In the winter period it can snow here.

We booked a hotel in the middle of the city center, just in front of the large cathedral. The weather was really hot as well, but after checking in we decided to go to the cable way. We didn’t know we had to hike quite a bit up. The cable way takes you up to La Bufa, where you can enjoy the beautiful vista’s of Zacatecas. They also sell a lot of Mexican stuff there and have a few Mexican kitchens. Which are very affordable!

The Cable way is only open between 10am and 6pm and later from 8pm until 10pm. So make sure you leave ontime. On the back of the mountain they have a zipline. We didn’t do the zipline since it was very busy.

You can also photograph yourself as a revolutionary.

After we took the Cable way down, we visited the mine (Mina El Edèn). Which was very impressive. Our tour guide (Spanish only) showed us around and at the end is a very impressive collection of minerals, cristals and stones. They have a small underground train that will take you to the exit. There is also an underground club. The underground club opens at 10pm.

All in all, Zacatecas is a very beautiful city, hiding between the mountains. But beware that you might have to climb a lot when exploring! Please leave a comment on what you think!

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