When Andrea and I were in Cancun, we wanted to explore more of the area. Andrea had been in Cancun before so she knew about this amazing park near Playa del Carmen. This park is called Xcaret and is basically a very big nature reserve. Xcaret is also a very large ancient Mayan village, but nowadays you can swim in the tunnels the Mayans used and do lots of other activities.

We booked our trip on xcaret.com, and on the day itself they will basically just pick you up from your hotel. I think we left at around 8am and we came back at our hotel at around 10pm. So we basically had a full but very active day.

We paid for the more luxurious option so we got lunch included. Once we arrived it was very busy already. So if you like waiting lines you will love this. We followed the path to where we could change our clothing and put our important stuff in lockers. Money and other stuff you want to take with you all day you can put in special bags. So when you go swimming the stuff will be waiting at the other side for you. (You can lock the bag safely).

Then you can just follow the path and jump in! Or go slowly either way is fine. I would wait for a gap to appear a little bit. So you can swim at your own pace.

The water is cold but you get used it to. make sure to bring watershoes since the rocks can hurt your feet! You are allowed to take a (waterproof) camera with you. Andrea took her GoPro with her! We swam through caves, and within two high walls. There is even a route where you will swim through a restaurant and a church!

If you get tired you can go out at special exits, so don’t worry about swimming the whole route. We swam for a total of 3 hours. Our muscles felt very tired the next day!

Xcaret is super beautiful! There are 3 routes you can take. I would advice to go first where noone goes. When we were swimming the water was too busy, we were constantly hitting other people and others were hitting us. When we did the 3rd route after lunch time, swimming was way more relaxed and we could just take it more easy.

The park has 4 different restaurants as well. European, Mexican, more Asian themed and fish themed. We went for the European and this restaurant was all you can eat and drink. Very nice.

There are also more activities, in our package snorkling was included, but if you want to do other actives like swimming with sharks or taking a boat ride you have to pay extra. There are also a lot of photo moments, make sure to scan your wristband and take a lot of photo’s. Especially if you have a photo pass. Then photo’s are free!

Map of the park.

Later in the evening they also have a very large show, the show is about Mexican history, from the Mayans to the Mexican revolution and beyond. It is very beautiful and very impressive as well. We arrived a bit late so we didn’t get a good view of everything. But if you fancy you can even reserve a table with dinner.

Xcaret was very amazing, the owner of Xcaret owns other parks too, like Xplor, Xel-Ha, Xenotes and many other parks. We paid around 130 Dollars per person. It is a bit expensive but well worth it!

By Pascal

Pascal is the founder of this website together with Andrea. He loves to travel, write, watch movies and also run. Pascal also now enjoys catching Pokèmon with Pokemon Go whenever he has time.

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