Even though the year has just started lets look at the top 3 best Holiday destinations Mexico has to offer in 2019. I will be going for a more lower budget but still awesome list.

1. Mexico City

Even though not on everyone’s top tier list, Mexico City is a city you must have seen at least once in your lifetime trust me. A huge sprawling city with over 21 million inhabitants. This place has lots to offer. From a huge park called Chapultepec, to modern skyscrapers to even a relaxing boat ride on Xochimilco this city has it all.

Atractions you should visit for sure are:

  • Teotihuacan pyramids
  • Xochimilco
  • Paseo de Reforma
  • Chapultepec
  • The historic city center.

2. Acapulco

Located on the west coast of Mexico, Acapulco is a spring break destination as well as a relaxing beach destination where you can wind down and get that tan you always wanted. Way more affordable than places like Cancun and Playa del Carmen. The weather here is always good. For the more adventurous people there is even a zipline that goes over the pacific ocean.

Some popular atractions are:

  • Acapulco Beach
  • La Quebrada Cliff Divers
  • Tirolesa Xtasea

3. Guanajuato

Located just in the north of Mexico City, Guanajuato is a magical place with amazing architectural buildings. The town is hidden between the mountains, making it a very mountainous town. However the charm of this town is just stunning. During the nights they even have a walking tour with Mariachis! Guanajuato is also known as the birthplace of the Mexican independence.

Some famous atractions are:

  • Alley of the kiss
  • Guanajuato Funicular
  • Historic and colorful town centre

Hope you liked this article! Let me know what your top destinations are in Mexico!

By Pascal

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