On the 8th of February, I have done something I never thought I would do, three years ago when I met Andrea, I never would thought that this day would come. The day I propose to her. Since I started to get to know Andrea better and better. I knew some time now that she was the one. It is a strange feeling but I know that there is no better woman than her in my life, Andrea is so warm, smart, funny and much more. She really helps me trough life and I feel very special that I have to honor to walk beside her.

Two months ago, I made the decision to propose to her. I wanted it to be special so I scoped out around six jewelers, once I saw the engagement ring I knew exactly that this would be the one. A few months ago I asked a friend of her to get to figure out what Andrea would like and most importantly what her size was. It felt very surreal when I bought the ring, the beginning of a new phase in life has just started.

I knew I was visiting Mexico between the 3rd of Feb and the 16th of Feb. 14 February is Valentines day. But I didn’t want to Propose to her and then the next day leave her again. So I decided to Propose on the 8th. This way I still had just over a week with her as my Fiancee. A week where some important decisions about our wedding have to be made as well.

The ring I bought.
Andrea and me at the restaurant (Tasca & Cava)

I already knew two of her close friends, Karla and Xochli, I asked Karla to help me out and she was very happy to do so. She added Xochli to the chat and soon we came to a date. First I said Saturday the 8th, but somehow (I still don’t know why). I said the Friday the 7th. Karla could only come at Friday, so she would wait in the room next to us. Later though I set the date back on the 8th again. A waiter had to take the pictures instead.

Xochli gave me some ideas about the restaurants, we we made the decision to do the proposal at Tasca & Cava. Apparently the food here was amazing and the place looked really great. Karla did the reservation and told the manager how I wanted it.

Karla was exceptional at everything and made sure everything was fine. She even visited the restaurant to check everything again for me. We decided on our plan, we would sit in a private place above the seats. The staff would prepare the room and the way towards our table with rose petals and candles. Our table would also have rose petals and candles. The Friday before I would drop of my suit. Because I wanted to propose during the desert. The suit and a bouquet of roses would wait for me in the private toilet.

Everything went perfect, Andrea said afterwards she had a hunch, but she had no idea about everything and that I even asked for the permission to marry her to her mother on the Monday when I arrived. We kept everything very secretive. Sometimes this was a bit hard. Because I needed to hide the group conversation on my phone I had, I need to keep the ring hidden away and my mouth shut. The last one was very hard because I don’t have any secret towards Andrea. We are always very honest towards each other. My parents knew, some of her friends knew, her family knew. She did not knew for the entire week.

When we ate the food (it was super delicious bye the way!) I was getting more nervous with every minute passing. Soon we arrived at the desert. However we were so full already we almost skipped this! I insisted to do 1 desert for us both. Else my plan would completely fail!

I got a sign that the desert was on it’s way so I excused myself to go the toilet. I never changed clothes so fast. But I had everything prepared in my suit bag. I even did my tie the day before.

Then came the moment I will never forgot. I quickly gave my phone to a waiter to take a video and photo’s (Later we got to know he didn’t film, because he thought he was filming already, so we only have a short moment of film, however the pictures he took were beautiful). I saw Andrea looking at things on her phone. When she saw me in my suit, she knew finally what was about to happen.

I went on my knee, we’ve been together for nearly three years and we went had many amazing adventures already. My life wouldn’t be complete without her. Then I asked if she wants to marry me. She instantly said si si si! Then I placed the ring around her finger, she loved it! And best of the all; the ring fits perfectly!

I did it! We were so happy and we took some more pictures. After a while I paid and we went to a party Karla and Xochli organised as well. When we went down everyone congratulated us and clapped their hands. We felt so special!

After that we went to a club, to really celebrate our engagement and for Andrea to meet her friends who knew everything already. They were so happy as well.

I feel so honored to start our next lifephase together, we now have a lot of things to do and to prepare. A long distance relationship like this is very hard. But I know that I have found the right and only woman for me, together we can do this. Te amo mucho.

By Pascal

Pascal is the founder of this website together with Andrea. He loves to travel, write, watch movies and also run. Pascal also now enjoys catching Pokèmon with Pokemon Go whenever he has time.

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