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Our final day in Querétaro finally came, our bus back to Aguascalientes would depart around 1 pm so we decided to explore the city center of Querétaro a bit first together with Indy and Andrea.

After our super American breakfast in Ihop, we visited one of the hills with a view of the aqueduct that runs through Querétaro, built-in 1738. Its construction started just 12 years earlier on the orders of Juan Antonio de Urrutia y Arana, Marquis of Villa del Águila. With 75 massive arches, the tallest of which stands at 75 feet (23 meters), the aqueduct was utilized to bring clean drinking water to the city. This aqueduct looks even more special at night as it is light up with beautiful pink lights. 

We only had a short time left, so we visited a few beautiful squares in downtown Querétaro and afterward, we went back to the bus station. It takes around 5 to 6 hours to travel from Querétaro to Aguascalientes so we had a nice rest on the bus. 

I enjoyed my engagement-moon with Andrea, it was one of the best Valentines as well for me. I would love to come back to Querétaro one day with her again. 

By Pascal

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