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The next day we got picked up by Indy again and we traveling in around 1 hour to Peña de Bernal. This is a small village located at the bottom of the world’s 3rd largest rock. Which in real life looks way better than on the pictures.

From Querétaro, it only takes around 30 to 50 minutes driving via the highway to Bernal. Bernal is known as a magic town since 2006 by Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism. Bernal stems from 1642 and was founded by the Spanish, but has developed itself quite significantly since then.

We already could see the mountain of Bernal when we arrived, but actually this mountain is just one big rock, the third largest rock in the world. The view from the street was magnificent. There were tons of small touristic shops as well. This town clearly lives from tourists visiting the town.

You can either walk up towards Peña de Bernal or you can use a Tuk Tuk because walking up there in the hot sun can be quite a challenge. Before doing that though, I think it’s good to have some breakfast. Which we exactly did. We went to one of the small kitchens and the food was really good. With a full stomach, we were ready to go.

We decided to walk and in just 30 minutes we were in the beautiful square of Peña de Bernal, we rested a bit and we walked a bit higher. You can also go inside the nature reserve but only with a guide.

Visiting this amazing place with Andrea was awesome after we took some more photo’s we went back to the town again. We visited the beautiful church and rested a bit because soon we would be going towards our next destination. The Finca Sala Vive Vineyards! (Which I was very excited about).

We have visited many breweries before, (Guinness, Heineken, Josè Cuervo) but never a winery. So visiting this new place with Andrea and Indy was a blessing. We drank some wine and ate some cheese before the tour and we were getting tipsy slightly.

We (the 3 of us) were the only people doing the English tour, so we got a private tour with a very knowledgeable tour guide. We visited the factory and also the wine cellar where everything is kept and then later processed again.

After the tour, we got our free wine glasses and we stayed until the place was closed around 6 pm. I already enjoyed this day with Andrea and I know that we will have many amazing days like this our future.

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