After Andrea and I got engaged we decided to have our own engagement-moon. Hence we decided to visit Querétaro. Querétaro is a large city just north of Mexico City. This City is expanding very quickly in recent years.

Hèrcules bar and beer garden

We arrived in the afternoon at the bus station and we got picked up by a very good friend of Andrea; Indy. She picked us up in her car and later we picked up her boyfriend Jacob. We drove to this Beer Garden called Hèrcules. This place is ideal for hipsters and beer lovers. Every month they offer different types of craft beer made locally.

The atmosphere of this beer garden is very nice, it’s not too busy and you can play some table tennis or table soccer. The pizza they offer is very good as well. But the beer is just incredible. Unsure of what type of beer you like? Order a try out of 5 different beers first.

I really enjoyed my first evening here, the beer garden also offers a shop where you can buy some very trendy shirts and special beer can designs for a very good price.

In the next post I will write more about Querétaro and more specifically Peña de Bernal. Thank you for reading!

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By Pascal

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