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After spending a bit of time in Aguascalientes, we planned to go 4 nights to the city of Mariachi and Tequila, also known as Guadalajara.

Guadalajara is located in the lower west of Mexico, close to Puerto Valarta. It’s an imense city for European standards with around 5 million people living here.

We took the bus (Like a tour bus) from Aguascalientes and it took around 3 hours to go there. We booked a hotel in the city center. And our taxi driver hurried us there. (He was driving like a maniac really).

The next day we decided to explore town, until we came across a tour bus. (The one you can hop off from anytime you want to). First we took the line that took us to Tlaquepaque, this is a really beautiful town with lots of nice and small shops. I bought an amazing T shirt here and some more souvenirs.

Then we headed back to the city center and went to Zapopan, somehow we ended up in a black market where they were selling stolen phones and fake brand clothes! We took some amazing pictures and decided to visit a very luxerious mall called Anderes.

Anderes is really something else, it’s the largest and most beautiful mall I have ever seen. From expensive brands to more cheaper ones (but not that cheap). It was a sight to behold! Because it was almost Christmas they even let it (fake) snow in the mall! Truly amazing!

By Pascal

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