After months and months of antipication it was finally time to go to Mexico again! On Sunday 16 December I went to Amsterdam Schiphol airport. However my flight had been delayed by 2 hours already, so instead of 22:25 departure, it was moved to 00:20. Not a problem at all since I had to wait at Mexico City airport for around 9 hours anyway.

We finally boarded at around 1:30am, at Aeromexico airlines flight AM26. The flight to Mexico City took around another 12 hours. After I landed I had to go to customs and get my VISA on arrival. The officer didn’t ask any questions. (It was 6am. maybe he was tired).

We were finally together again!

Once in the Airport I was looking for a sleeping pod. After searching for around an hour I finally found the pods. For 160 Peso an hour you can rent a pod, a shower is included. I refreshed myself and texted Andrea that I landed safely.

My next flight was at 12:50, so I had some time to kill. There is no WiFi at the airport at all, except in a hotel or the pods. So was unable to talk to Andrea. At around 2:30pm I finally arrived in Aguascallenties and my amazing adventure of 3,5 weeks with my love Andrea were finally about to start!

By Pascal

Pascal is the founder of this website together with Andrea. He loves to travel, write, watch movies and also run. Pascal also now enjoys catching Pokèmon with Pokemon Go whenever he has time.

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