As this is my first blog I would like to say hi to everyone and share with you my perspective of the time Pascal came to Mexico for the first time.

I live in a city called Aguascalientes, just right in the middle of Mexico. I had to come back from Dublin cause my English classes were over, and to be honest, Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever been but it’s quite expensive, anyway, by the time I was coming back, Pascal surprised me with the news that he bought a ticket to visit me in Mexico a few months later.  I have to admit that the fact I can show him my beautiful country made the happiest person on earth.

A few months later, I took a bus to CDMX (Mexico City)  with the company of my mom, I want to let you know that mom is great, she’s always supporting me and of course she was also excited to meet the man I have talked about all time.

Finally the day of Pascal’s arrival was here, and I was feeling so nervous and excited, so I decided to welcome him at the airport with a big welcome sign an a small balloon, by the time me and my mom were waiting for Pascal to go out of migration, everyone was looking at my presents for Pascal 😂 maybe thinking I was ridiculous, but anyway I was so excited to see my dutch boyfriend again. 

Mom was ready with the camera cause Pascal was coming out anytime soon, suddenly I saw him far away, looking as dutch as he can be ❤️ We ran to each other, hugged and kissed,  both with tears in our eyes.

Mom took a video of this so if you want us to share it with you let us know in the comments.

I can say that that moment was amazing, I finally had my boyfriend with me, my mom met him and even that she doesn’t speak English I think they liked each other.

I planned 1.5 weeks of amazing adventures with my handsome boyfriend, including the celebration of my birthday, around CDMX, Guanajuato and of course Aguascalientes.

I hope you can read about those adventures soon ❤️

Together at Teotihuacan.

By Andrea

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