Exploring Mexico City

Exploring Mexico City

Mexico City (Ciudad de Mexico), is a huge sprawling city with over 20 milion people living there. Even though it’s a huge city, the city is very diverse with different types of cultures. One time you’re in the middle of Manhattan (Huge buildings and skyscrapers) and suddenly you are in a small Venice. Mexico city is very colorful! More than I ever expected it to be.

We booked a very Mexican show, showing the musical tradition of Mexican music. Very beautiful!

In the historic city center, we visited the palace of arts (Bellas Artes) a truly magnifent place wonder around, just a small walk lies the presidential square. Basically this part of the city if build on top of the old Aztec temples, there is still proof of this underground.

The music will come very close to you. Truly Mexican style.

We also visited the first skyscraper in Mexico city, Latino tower, 60 floors high and the first building that actually withood an eartquake (There is a small museum inside the tower too, and you have to pay to access the rooftop, but it is well worth the view).  We walked thousands of meters and had a lot of fun. 

I think Mexico city is one of the cities I really like, even though 20 million people live here, it doesn’t feel crowded, the metro system is very easy and very quick. Making the city very small yet not busy at all. The traffic on the street is a hell though, but you can’t have everything. There is plenty to do in Mexico City. 


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