Never would I have expected that I would travel to Mexico, I honestly knew that it existed, and that the taco came from there but that was it. I am so happy I got to meet my Mexican girlfriend. A whole new (incredible amazing) world opened for me!

Because Andrea needed to go back (She finished studying English), I promised I would visit her soon. And Of course I did!

After flying for around 10 hours I finally got greeted by the huge city of Mexico City. 20 million live here. That is basically more than the whole of the Netherlands. Wow!

The first thing we did when I landed was giving eachother a big big hug, we haven’t seen eachother for over 3 months and I was so glad (and a bit tired after the flight) to see her again. It’s the most amazing feeling I can tell you.

I did not feel jetlagged at all, I felt awake and ready to explore Mexico. Which we did the following day. We visited Chapultec and the city. We also visited the Antropology museum. Very cool if you like aztec art. 

To be continued…

By Pascal

Pascal is the founder of this website together with Andrea. He loves to travel, write, watch movies and also run. Pascal also now enjoys catching Pokèmon with Pokemon Go whenever he has time.

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