During my holiday in June/July, I visited Cancun with Andrea. We flown from Aguascalientes to Mexico City and from there we went to Cancun.

The Airport in Cancun is very large, once you arrive there are plenty of taxi companies to hire. Our hotel was 25 minutes of driving to the north of Cancun.

Our hotel (Grand Fiesta Americana, coral beach), was very close to the touristic spots like Coco Bongo, Hardrock Cafe and many other amazing spots. Our hotel was located directly next the beach. Simply amazing.

After our most relaxing time of our lifes, we swam with Dolphins, the most amazing birthday gift I have ever received!

Before you can go swim with Dolphins, the staff will explain what you can and most importantly you can’t do. The Dolphin trainer will guide you very well and speaks English too. We were in a small group and we had an amazing experience. Really a dream that came true. Thank you Andrea for this amazing moment together!

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