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After Andrea and I visited Guanajuato, we went to the home town of Andrea, Aguascalientes! Located around 6 hours driving from the north of Mexico city, lies a city with around 1 million people living there. Aguascalientes.

The city center has a very colonial style and this is also what the city is known for. Furthermore there is also a museum of the dead. We visited this museum, and it’s very interesting. It is generally a very large collection of how dead is celebrated around the world.

Aguascalientes is a bustling city with plenty of shops and other fun things to do. The food over there is also very good.

On the birthday of Andrea, we went out eating in a Brazilian restaurant. The meat is served with someone chopping it up with an actual sword. I was still feeling a bit sick, so I took it easy. But the food was really delicious!

By Pascal

Pascal is the founder of this website together with Andrea. He loves to travel, write, watch movies and also run. Pascal also now enjoys catching Pokèmon with Pokemon Go whenever he has time.

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