Aguascalientes, Mexico

Aguascalientes, Mexico

After Andrea and I visited Guanajuato, we went to the home town of Andrea, Aguascalientes! Located around 6 hours driving from the north of Mexico city, lies a city with around 1 million people living there. Aguascalientes.

The city center has a very colonial style and this is also what the city is known for. Furthermore there is also a museum of the dead. We visited this museum, and it’s very interesting. It is generally a very large collection of how dead is celebrated around the world.

Aguascalientes is a bustling city with plenty of shops and other fun things to do. The food over there is also very good.

On the birthday of Andrea, we went out eating in a Brazilian restaurant. The meat is served with someone chopping it up with an actual sword. I was still feeling a bit sick, so I took it easy. But the food was really delicious!

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