Hi everyone, it’s me Andrea. This time is my turn to tell you about our amazing trip to Acapulco.

When I was a child I used to go to Acapulco almost every year, so I have beautiful memories with my family there, and sharing that special place with Pascal was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

We arrived to an amazing hotel called “Emporio”, luckily we went in the low season so the hotel was very quiet and super comfortable. This hotel has direct access to the beach and 3 swimming pools which is very atractive cause you never get bored.

Acapulco is not having the best reputation right now, as you should know. Mexico is getting dangerous every time but if you just get into the touristic areas be sure that you will be safe. The local people are very kind too so they will always be willing to help and make you feel at home.

The first day we were at Acapulco we stayed at the hotel and relaxed. We played in the swimming pool and we finished the day looking at an amazing sunset over the Pacific ocean. The second day we did the same, just relaxing, eating and drinking piña coladas like if there was no tomorrow.

On our third day, adventure was getting closer, last year a huge zip line was inagurated in Acapulco, apparently it is the largest zipline over the sea, so Pascal and I had to go on it. This place is called “Xtasea” and I have to admit that while we were on our way there I was super anxious and my hands were shaking. When we finally arrived, we went on the zipline and the feeling was amazing, it’s not hurtful at all and it feels like if you were really flying. I was so happy and adrenaline was running through my veins, this would have never been so fun if I haven’t done it with Pascal. When we arrived to the hotel, I guess Pascal was feeling the adrenaline too, so he decided to go on a jet ski and sale around the Acapulco sea. I couldn’t been less in love with him. It was definitely a great day.

As this post is getting too long, I will let you know what we did our next 2 days in Acapulco on the next post. Hope you are enjoying this story so far.

By Andrea

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