During my time in Cancun, Andrea and I wanted to explore the area more, so after visiting Xplor, we decided it was time to visit Xenses. Xenses is also part of the Xcaret group, however, the park is completely different. Xenses is all about, you guessed it; your senses.

Xenses itself is a smaller park than Xplor or Xcaret, you will roughly spend here half a day, the tickets are also cheaper and you won’t get free lunch as well. However, the park itself is worth a visit for sure.

When we entered the park, we got an armband for taking pictures, every Xcaret park has this. There are cameras all over the park and I would recommend taking as many pictures as possible, especially at Xenses since this is such a unique experience.

We entered through the main building, the pinwheel, from here you can go to the entire park, you will always come back to this place. The first activity we did was the xensetorium. Here you go into a completely dark room, you won’t see anything at all, you only feel, hear, and smell. I liked this experience a lot, however, you have to do this experience alone. Andrea took a little bit longer than me. My advice would be just to close your eyes and walk. Your senses will do the rest.

After this we went back to the pinwheel, here they have a lot of rooms with optical illusions, we made a lot of photos here, we had a lot of fun!

The main attraction of Xenses is the town, or in Spanish; El Pueblo. This is a long street, that goes up (or goes it down?), where nothing is as it seems. Water is flowing up and gravity feels different here. We stayed here for around half an hour when our head started to hurt we moved on. Once you go through a small (fake) church with more optical illusions you end up in a tower with a very long water slide.

The slide itself goes straight through the jungle, ending up in the water in some cave. After this you can go straight to the bird flight activity, you get strapped into a safety harness and you will fly. You could see this as a mini roller coaster because you will hang from a track. It is cool but it also hurt my shoulders a bit.

After these activities, it was time to relax. There were two more activities to do, one of these was a relaxing river, this was a little bit weird because I was not required to do anything in order to move down the lazy river.

After this was the mud river, I think I have never been this clean before haha.

We had a great day at Xenses, its very different than Xcaret and Xplor but a lot of fun. Because of the pandemic it was not busy at all, (even less people than Xplor).

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