If you’re planning on visiting dublin, make sure to read this post! Here I will give you 10 amazing things you could visit in the city of Dublin!

1. Guinness Storehouse

AddressSt James’s Gate, Ushers, Dublin 8, Ireland .
You don’t need to be a Beer lover to love this museum! The Guinness Storehouse takes you on a adventure about what the Irish call their black gold. Make sure to reserve tickets online to skip the long lines at the entrance. The museum will explain in an interactive way how Guinness is made and at the end you can even learn how to tap a pint yourself. You can take that point to the top of the Guinness Building and enjoy a very nice view over Dublin City.
Website: The Guinness Storehouse Dublin

2. Dublin Zoo

If the weather allows it, make sure to Visit the Dublin Zoo, they have a lot of animals in very large enclosures, they even have their own savanna and jungle. Prepare to see and walk a lot! The Dublin Zoo is located inside the huge park of called Phoenix Park. You won’t even notice that you’re in the city.
Website: Dublin Zoo

3. Epic Ireland

Address: CHQ, Custom House Quay, Dublin, D01 T6K4, Ireland
The Epic Ireland museum, is a museum all about Irish Immigration, perhaps even you have Irish blood inside of your veins! Epic Ireland is very interactive and tells the story of strugle, hope and opportunity perfectly. You even get your own passport you can stamp! Epic Ireland is one of the best Museums I have ever been too. Check it out!
Website: Epic Ireland

4. The Viking Tour

Dublin used to be ruled by the Vikings for a short while, even today you can see a lot of remains. The Viking Tour will take you on a very good tour around Dublin to find those remains. You even get a Viking helmet to wear, oh did I tell you that the tourbus can also float on the water?!
Website: Viking Tour Dublin

5. Temple Bar

The Temple Bar is where all the fun and magic of Dublin happens. Located just in the South side of Dublin is an amazing street of typical Irish bars, with the crown the Temple Bar itself. Being one of the oldest bar this bar is typically Irish and if you’re in Dublin a must visit! There are always people around and in the bar, it is open 24/7 (even during Christmas!) and has live music! Make sure to grab a pint or two. You’re basically Irish now!
Website: Temple Bar Pub

6. The Jameson Distillery

Address: Bow St, Smithfield Village, Dublin 7, Ireland
Even if you’re not a fan of Whiskey, this tour is still great. You will learn all about the history of one of the most famous Whiskeys in the world. Jameson’s. The tour will have it’s own guide and will take around 40 minutes. At the end you even got a shot of Whiskey (If you are above 18 of course).
Website: Jameson Whiskey

7. Howth

In the north of Dublin, lies a small fishertown called Howth, from connely station it is just a 15 min train ride with the Dart. Once you arrive, follow the signs to get to the cliff walk and enjoy the amazing view. Keep on walking next to the cliffs and you will go to a lighthouse. Make sure to take some water with you though, this could be a very heavy hike. But there are also easier paths you can take. Once you are back in the town. Make sure to check out one of the fish restaurants.
Website:Visit Howth

8. Grafton Street

Located in the more Posh areas of Dublin, Grafton street is where you would find the more luxerious shops, there even is a fantastic looking mall called Stephen’s Green Shopping center, on the other side lies Stephen’s green Park. This park is very authentic and quite large. Grafton Street is where the it is at! Grafton Street is also very close to Temple Bar.

9. Christ Church Cathedral

AddressChristchurch Pl, Wood Quay, Dublin 8, Ireland
Even if you do not believe, this Cathedral is pretty special, it is beautiful inside, but you can even visit the crypts underneath the Cathedral. It is very close to Temple Bar and Grafton street. They have books in around every language that will tell a bit about the history of the Cathedral. Well worth the short visit.
Website: Christ Church Cathedral

10. Dublin Castle

AddressDame St, Dublin 2, Ireland
And finally, Dublin Castle. Located very close to Temple bar too is this amazing piece of architecture. The castle was build in 1204, thus has an immense amount of history, later it was even used by the goverment and also has a major part in the Dublin revolt of 1912. Time you will spend here is usually around 1 to 3 hours. But if it is your first visit to Dublin, you will learn a lot here!
Website: Dublin Castle

Hope you liked this top 10, for some more related posts, see below links! Thank you for reading!

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