If you are thinking about taking your partner somewhere incredible romantic, but you are not sure yet. This post will help you with some ideas, or maybe even help you out with places you haven’t thought about in the first place. If you have any additions and or suggestions. Please let me know in the comments. In this first edition I will talk about Romantic European places.

1. Santorini, Greece

The wildest dream of any couple, Santorini in Greece offers majestic views and the best infinity pools you can think of. This small island has amazing white buildings and offers amazing views anywhere you visit. Perfect for some private time as well. You can enjoy Santorini the best between April and November.

2. Amalfi, Italy

Also in the south of Europe is the Coast of Amalfi in Italy. This place offers a romantic gettaway, travelers and couples alike adore. Bundled with beautiful views, cozy hotels and Naples close by Amalfi has it all. Amalfi is even on the UNESCO World Hertitage sites list.

3. Paris, France

Known as the city of Love, Paris needs to be on this list. With world famous atractions like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre museum couples will have enough to do. However make sure to visit the beautiful streets too and have a romantic dinner near the Eiffel tower.

For couples who love themeparks, make sure to Visit Disneyland Paris. You will have a great time here!

4. Bruges, Belgium

Offering a very romantic weekend getaway too, is Bruges in Belgium. This medieval town from the 1400’s has very good break and breakfasts but also modern hotels, the canal tours are excellent and the market square is nice too. Make sure to visit the Historium museum and have a strol through Minnewater park. Bruges offers a lot a nice romantic photo places for sure.

5. Galway, Ireland

Offering an amazing culture, music and amazing views of the atlantic coast. Galway is sure amazing for couples to explore. The small city offers very nice streets and even a true English Market (Rumor has it that the queen visits this from time to time). If you want to walk hand in hand while listening to Irish buskers. Galway is your friend.

6. Seville, Spain

Seville, Spain boast very romantic architecture, open places and is known for the Venice of Spain with its beautiful small canals. The city is especially beautiful by night and offers couples for sure a romantic time together. Especially the weather in spain is almost good all year around (except in the winter).

7. Venice, Italy

Venice is one of the all time favorites of couples to visit. Offering a super romantic cruise around many small canals, Italian food, lots of museums and much more, Venice is a must visit. However many people don’t visit the many island around the city, so make sure to visit: San Giorgio Maggiore or any of the other islands hidden in plain sight. This is a great way to avoid the large groups of tourist visiting Venice everyday.

8. Copenhagen, Denmark

Also needed to be in this list is Copenhagen. This city offers romantic shopping streets, nice museums (Legoland close by) and romantic fireplaces to help you with the cold. The oldest themepark is also located in the city center: Tivoli Gardens. The Nyhavn offers a very cool colorpalete to take pictures with as well. Copenhagen is made for couples!

Hope you like this list, again if you have any any aditions you would like to share, please add this in the comments. I will take your addition into consideration for sure! Thanks for reading!

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