If you live in Dublin, sometimes you just want to get out of the big city. 30 minutes by Dart train to the north lies the small coastal town of Howth. A really beautiful place that is actually a small fishing village (Now part of Dublin). Howth offers nice fishing shops, excellent views of the Irish Sea and even has amazing walk close to the cliffs.

Getting to Howth is quite easy, just take the train from Connely station and go on the Dart Line to the north (Malahide and Howth). Just hop on to the Howth line. A return ticket is 5 euro. It will take you around 30 minutes to get to Howth.

Once you arrive just go left from the station, you are now walking in the town of Howth. Just keep on going straight and you can walk up. The cliff path is just straight ahead.

Go here on a sunny day, the view is really beautiful, make sure take take some food and drinks with you. You can also have a picnic like we did. 

“Luckily I have my walking shoes on”


By Pascal

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