Movie Park Germany

Movie Park Germany

During my birthday, I decided to visit a themepark in Germany, used to be known as Warner Bros Movie park, but recently changed their name to Movie Park Germany. Located close to the Dutch/German Border is a pretty large theme park, they recently opened a new Star Trek themed rollercoaster.

It was not really busy and the waiting lines were not too long, the food itself is pretty expensive (what did you expect from a themepark). But the rides are quite nice. The entrance costs us 49 euro per person, so quite steep compared to other parks. 

The theming is very nicely done, and remembers me mostly about Disney’s main street.

The New Star Trek ride is very well themed, they even fitted a bridge in there!

They also had a stuntshow, with some very dificult stunts (Driving backwards on 2 wheels, how?!). I had a very good time. 

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