If you are checking out of things to do while you are in Brussels, please read on, in this post I will give you my own view of some amazing and must do things to do in Brussels! I won’t write here about the obvious things like Manneke Pis and the Automium, every tourist will basically go there. This post is more about the hidden gems of Brussels, Belgium. Enjoy!

1. Delirium Cafè

Belgium is known for its beers, so while you are in Brussels, a visit to the Delirium cafè/village is something you should have checked out. There is an entire street devoted to this gold and black stuff and you can try out more than 2000+ different types of beer. And the best of it all? The price is not bad at all for what you get. Google maps link: here. Personally I would say that the best time to visit is during the day, during the night it might get very busy especially in weekends.

2. Hard Rock Cafè Brussels

When Andrea and I were here, we ate the best food we ever had in our lives. The burger and the fries were amazing and perfect. Also the view from here is pretty nice. The Hard Rock Cafè is located at the grand place, so it is easy to find. Make sure to arrive before the dinner time (around 5-6pm) Else you might need to wait. But I promise you, the food is the best. They even have the 24 karat burger.

3. Royal Palace area

Also close to the center is the Royal Palace area. Here you can find a plethora of museums and other interesting stuff. If you like museums, there will be a museum for you. Or you can just walk around and take the huge buildings in. Up to you!

Hope this post helped you a bit about finding your way around the best spots in Brussels!

By Pascal

Pascal is the founder of this website together with Andrea. He loves to travel, write, watch movies and also run. Pascal also now enjoys catching Pokèmon with Pokemon Go whenever he has time.

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