During the final weekend of Andrea’s visit to the Netherlands, we decided to visit Brussels in Belgium. Andrea always wanted to visit this city, try some of their famous waffles and visit manneke Pis. So we went by train via Rotterdam (because there was an accident we couldn’t go directly). And arrived on Saturday in the Afternoon.

Hotel in the middle of the city

Andrea had booked the hotel prior her arival, NH Arendsberg hotel, which was located 200 meters away from Brussels central station. Talking about a good location. The room was fine and we both had a shower and bath. However the view not good at all. We had a view of some sort of parking lot. Anyway you can’t get anything you want.

We walked around the city center and explored a bit, we went to the grand square and later we had the best meal of our lives at the Hardrock cafè. The food and the drinks were incredible good. I would go back there anytime just for their burgers. We also visited the world famous Manneke Pis, which was close to the grand place. This place was really crowded.


What I didn’t know was that Brussels is also known for it’s Delirium village, this is an entire street devoted to over 3000 kinds of beer, and quite affordable too. In the evening we had a few beers and tasted the atmosphere, it was crowded, in the first Delirium basement we had to wait ages to get helped and a lot of people were skipping the line. The bartender was even rude towards us. Anyway after some time we got our beers and we went to the rooftop. Here was some kind of beer garden.

After that we went back for the hotel for a good night of sleep.


The next day we went to a very good waffle’s place, it’s located in the art hall near the main square, here you can find lot’s of fancy shops but also very good chocolate and waffle places.

We explored Brussels a bit more and also visited the royal quarter, here you can find lots of museums and other huge buildings. It was very impressive. After that we went back to shopping again and Andrea wanted to buy chocolates. Near Manneke Pis was a chocolate truffle shop, we found some very good truffles here for her to take back to Mexico. They even gave us a bag to keep them cool in.

Heading home

Sadly it was almost time to go back to Nijmegen, but before that we decided to taste some more beer. We ordered one tray with six different beers. It was amazing and we both got a bit tipsy after that!

On Monday it was also time for Andrea to go back home to Mexico, the last 2,5 weeks were incredible and I think it bought us even more closer than we were before. We made clear plans of the future now and it’s upto us together to make these work. I can’t wait for the future were we will be closing the distance!

By Pascal

Pascal is the founder of this website together with Andrea. He loves to travel, write, watch movies and also run. Pascal also now enjoys catching Pokèmon with Pokemon Go whenever he has time.

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