About Pascal

About Pascal

Pascal was born in 1991 in the small town of Doetinchem in the Netherlands. when he was eight years old he moved to Nijmegen. (The oldest city of the Netherlands). Here he studied Economics and later IT. 

He graduated in 2011 and went to work for IBM in South Africa 2 years later in 2013. In August 2014 he returned to the Netherlands and worked here one year before embarking to his next adventure in Poland. 

After nearly 2 years in Poland, he decided to move to Ireland, where he met Andrea. 

Pascal likes to do the following:
Watching movies on the big screen, travel, swimming and of course trying out new types of beers! Fun fact about Pascal: Number 24 is his lucky number, as is his birthday (24th of June) and the main number of his city (024 for Nijmegen). Currently Pascal is also training to run 15km.

I also run, below you can see my Strava activity:

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